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TYNOL,  Apply TYNOL Scrapes, cuts and wounds may seem trivial at the time, but can become very troublesome if infected. The use of sterilized equipment in the medical profession is purely in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and has been acknowledged as having been instrumental in saving untold lives.

If you have children or a job that results in frequent minor injuries, abrasions or lacerations, having a proper first aid kid is a necessity. An effective antiseptic or disinfectant is an essential part of first aid kits and helps in treating injuries or wounds.

The TYNOL Liquid (First Aid Antiseptic) is among the more popular and more trusted brands of commercial antiseptics. Chloroxylenol is the active ingredient in TYNOL. It comprises 4.8% of TYNOL’s total admixture, with the rest made up by pine oil, isopropanol, castor oil, soap and water.
Chemical formula: C8H9ClO.

The formulation of the TYNOL Liquid – First Aid Antiseptic includes Chloroxylenol, pine oil, isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), castor oil soap, water and caramel. The antibacterial ingredients are chloroxylenol, pine oil and rubbing alcohol, all of which work in concert to kill a wider range of bacteria than any of three ingredients could do separately.