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Santé London provides quality and certified products of international standards to HCPs (Health Care Professionals). Santé London specializes in nutraceutical development, formulation, manufacturing, and commercialization of high-quality nutritional products. The company offers a large selection of products; infant milk formulas, special infant milk formulas, mother supplements, multivitamins, and special adult formulas.

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Infants ought to constantly be benefited from interest when they are quiet yet showing taking care of signs. Do whatever it takes not to hold on until your child is excessively eager and crying.

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Sante London provides full original milk made with every one of the supplements that ought to be given to an infant for his development and improvement. It likewise safeguards the child against contamination and pallor.

Cal Sant

Indications: Used for prophylaxis and treatment Low blood calcium levels. Helps build strong bones and teeth & may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. May may also be indicated as Calcium supplementation for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

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Ingredient(s): Iron Bis-glycinate 60mg, L-Methylfolate 50mcg, Vitamin B12 1.2mcg, Zinc 1mg, Copper 0.1mg, Vitamin C 60mg.

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Co-Zyme Q-100

Each Soft-gel Contains Co-Enzyme Q-10.100 mg, Pack Size: 20 Soft-gels Packed in Alu Blisters. Details of Ingredients: Coenzyme Q10

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Sante D

Each Softgel contains:-Vitamin D3 (USP)..50,000 IU (USP Specifications) Cholecalciferol – Vitamin D 3

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Lady O Sitol

Lady O Sitol sachet is best indicated for polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It helps maintain your diet in order to fulfill the requirements of Folic Acid and Myo-inositol.  It supports physiological functions such as Hormone Balance, Modulation of the menstrual cycle, Supports female fertility and reproductive health. The formulation of...

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We listed our popular products for baby growth at the cheapest rates.

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They contain an equilibrium of proteins, fats, carbs, nutrients, minerals, and different supplements to help your sound, term child (i.e., not untimely) develop and grow appropriately.

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mother health

Mother Health

PMS & Menopause

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Reproductive Health

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Milk powder fabricating is finished by the expulsion of the water from the milk diminishing by that its water movement and expanding its time span of usability.


While this item is excellent, made with non-GMO fixings, and can be bought in different structures, it runs a touch higher in cost than your norm, non-specific recipes.


We guarantee the quality and security of milk powder, We guarantee that issues in the creation cycle are tackled in time and forestall likely damage to newborn children.

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